Successful donation yesterday. Nine of our warriors on the Other Side of the Dunes

We are excited to get Moneca on the Other Side of the Dunes (in her own custom ride) next month.


1st Annual Golf Tourney Huge Success

Huge thanks to all of the players and sponsors that helped make this year’s inaugural golf tournament a success. Our team, with your help, was able to raise funds to purchase our next Custom Built, Motorized, Beach Wheelchair which will be donated to Navy Veteran, Moneca McVey in the coming months. Stay tuned for details on the donation location and date. More to follow…

Alan Earl

Thank you so much for the phone call today.  I am in total shock and don’t know how to respond except thank you.  In 1997 I was involved in a motorcycle accident that left me a t-6 paraplegic.  Months prior to that, I joined the Army through the delayed entry program.  Four days prior to leaving for Ft. Leonard Wood I was in my accident, ending my very short duty.  The Paralyzed Veterans was my saving grace and got me involved in fishing and gave me a network of others with disabilities to start living a “normal” life. I have been working for the Paralyzed Veterans for almost seven years now in the sports and recreation aspect of our organization.  I am in charge of all our national boating and fishing activities as well as our billiards program.  A year ago I got the opportunity to work from home and jumped at the chance and get out of DC.  We, me and my wife, decided to move to Carolina Beach, NC.  Her dream was to live by the ocean and we finally got the opportunity.  The only problem is that I can’t go to the beach.  We tried taking my chair out but I instantly sunk and had to have a group of guys life me up and take me back to solid ground.  It was a very disappointing day for me and felt like a huge set back not being able to enjoy one of my wifes joys.
Having this opportunity to enjoy the freedom to go the beach would mean so much to me.  I was willing to find a way to purchase this chair on my own, and I still am.  I really appreciate your offer and really want to make sure you are aware of my non-veteran status. I think what you are doing is awesome and feel that I may not be the most qualified for what you are looking for.  If you do feel that you want to move forward, that is great and I want to help pay for it.


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