Every Hero Deserves A Day At The Beach

Other Side of the Dunes is a Veteran run 501c3 charity that is committed to giving back to those Veterans that paid such a high price to keep us free.

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Providing Paralyzed Veterans with Simple Freedoms

Our Mission

The mission of Other Side of the Dunes is to provide paralyzed Veterans with the simple freedoms that many able bodied people take for granted. Starting with just a simple ride on the beach, our hope is to help them find joy in everyday pleasures as a thank you for all they have sacrificed for our freedom.

Hear What this Means to Veterans…

Living at the beach and being able to enjoy it independently has changed my life. I am no longer confined to the pavement and I have been able to experience a whole new world . . .on the Other Side of the Dunes

– Alan Earl

Our Goals

Other Side of the Dunes was founded to enhance and improve the lives of our paralyzed Veterans. Short term, our goal is to spread the word about what we are doing, build a network of veterans, volunteers and donors to enable us to help touch more lives of both veterans and veteran families.

Long term, we want to begin to expand our reach and begin taking on projects that will provide additional freedoms to better their lives. These types of projects could include activities, trips, general daily life assistance, and home projects that give them back many things that we take for granted.

Our Vision

Other side of the Dunes is committed to giving back to those Veterans who paid such a high price for our Freedom by giving every hero back some of theirs.


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