Other Side of the Dunes is a Veteran run charity committed to enhancing and enriching the lives of America’s most deserving group; our wounded heroes.  Our goal is and remains to bring beach access to paralyzed veterans that it’s very difficult if not impossible to access due to their injuries.  Having a board of Veterans and Veteran family members, we are keenly aware of the difficulties that these Warriors face as they attempt to reintegrate into a “Normal” life.  In addition to continuing to provide custom built, motorized, beach wheelchairs to Veterans that we select, we will expand into other entertaining, fun and quality of life improving ventures.  While we continue to strive to change lives, we promise to be good stewards with the generosity that so many have shown over the years.  We are forever grateful for the bravery, the dedication, and the sacrifice that these Military Veterans have selflessly shown.  We strive everyday to let them know how much it means.  One veteran at a time; we’ll see you on the Other Side of the Dunes.

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